Potential vs Reality

Through out life we have the opportunity of meeting different people. Some we like, love, care for, consider a friend, or may even fall in love with. So, lets just say you start talking to this person that you find interest in. You start talking on the regular just getting to know each other, conversation is amazing (you stroke my ego I stroke yours), going on dates, and all the above.  And months pass and you decide to have a committed relationship, you consider that person your best friend because you feel as though now you know them and might even be in love. Then, a year or so past by still kinda fresh in your relationship and everything is going just how you expect. Until, you all encounter a couple  of situations, or  issues that make the person show a side of them that you have NEVER seen, like at all. So, now your like I don’t even know this person, like, Where did they come from? Why would they do this to me? I love them so much. How am I suppose to feel right now? Do I accept this and try to work it out? Because I do love them. Or, do I see the potential that they may have and accept them no matter what the situation is? Or do I look at the reality of this person and what they continue to show?

Now, lets look at the person that we fell in love with. Did we fall in love with potential? Or did we fall in love because of the true reality of who that person is? Do we know the definition of potential? Lets see.

Potential: adj; having or showing the capacity to become or develop into. The potential of loving someone is seeing what they want to become or what we think they should become. Sometimes we make that mistake in falling in love with potential of a person, and we stay around after they constantly show us that side of them that we never expected. Yea, they apologize for it, and turn right back around and do the same thing over, over, and over again. But you still love the potential of them, in our minds knowing  they are going to change later. We continue to stick around because we fell in love with their potential. Waste of time, huh?.  So, Let’s look at the definition of Reality.

Reality: noun; the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. When first meeting someone 75% of the time we do not see who that person really is. You have that other 25% that actually will show what you see is what you get or this is really who I am, lol. Sometimes we meet someone, get to know who they are even when encountering certain situations they try their best to fix any situation and not return to that mistake they have made or any circumstance they may have found their self in. We want to love the reality of a person that wants to change or wants to be better any actually do what needs to be done to make it happen. Falling in love with reality of a person can sometimes hurt but it’s a decision you make based on if your willingness to love them for who they really are and not the potential of who they want to be, but never make it to be that person.

Do you want to love the potential of a person? Or Love the reality of who that person really is?






Who Am I…..Hmmm

Brittany M. Robinson is a daughter, sister, friend, mother, an imperfect person that knows without God she is NOTHING. She is a Southern Belle from Mississippi. Brittany’s family and friends consider her the humorous, very outspoken one that is goal oriented, but will motivate a fly LOL. I think you will enjoy Britt Mone’t journey. Lets have fun…….