Dear Mercedes Shaday,

Hello Beautiful! My name is Brittany Robinson. I ran across your article on social media and I was heartbroken to hear the devastating news. If I had the opportunity to talk with you or even understand exactly how you felt through your silence, I would have been there for you. Sometimes we encounter situations in life with no idea as to what our next step will be or how to handle it. We bottle our emotions and feelings up sometimes, because we are too embarrassed to share with others with out being judged. So we keep to ourselves but push others that really care about us away and they have no idea. I’ve encountered quite a few things in life but I recently encountered a situation that was different for me and depression played apart of it. In our African American community we often times over look it, because we feel as though it maybe embarrassing or we are scared. I’ve learned that we can’t just sit there and not seek help. If I shared with you half of the things I’ve been through you would probably ask me “Why are you still here?!” I knew it was so much more to life than whatever situation or circumstances I encountered and I have some amazing little boys I have to live for. Nevertheless, God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers! If you knew how much more to this life you had, I think you would’ve made a different choice…. Rest Beautiful ❤️👑 Praying peace for your family and friends 🙏🏽🙏🏽


My reason for writing this letter, was to say I understood exactly what she felt in some way. And reading that article really broke me down  in which I wish I was there to speak with her. I didn’t have to know her to reach out and help. It hurts to hear about situations like this, but we are living in a very judge mental  and cruel world its hard to feel as though we have people there in our lives to help. If you don’t know or you have no clue as to what is going on PLEASE talk to some one. Pray and ask God to help you, just do not sit there and continue to keep things or your feelings bottled up. It drains you, I know because I have done it for years. But I thank God as well as my therapist for helping me!!!


Playing Safe……..

“When you go through waters, I will be with you.”

Isaiah 43:2

“Let the fields and all that is in them be full of joy.”

Psalms 96:12

Often times we treat life as if we were drafted,  playing with a major league baseball team. We are always safe at HOME, but we take a swing at the bat and we’re either walking  or running to make it to our next destination safely.

I have been playing safe for years now, and with playing safe I always went back to what was familiar or comfortable. Always. We learn in the bible or often hear others speak on stepping out on faith, which is fine but do we pray and ask God to guide our steps? or do we just hope that our next step is safe when we arrive?! Of course we want to arrive safely, not knowing what is ahead of us when we get there. I am going to use my baseball strategies with going through life playing it safe.

As we know, baseball is a complex sport where strategy can play a big part. A baseball team’s strategy can vary from game to game depending on the pitcher and the opposing team. The strategy can change during the game from situation to situation depending on the number of outs and the count of the batter. The strategy also changes from batter to batter depending on the strengths and weaknesses of both the batter and pitcher.

Life is my pitcher and I was the batter. Standing on the home plate waiting on the pitcher to throw me its best ball. While waiting I focused on how I wanted to hit this ball and where. Of course I wanted a  home run, so I could fly through life with out having to stop and deal with whatever was in the way. But life does not happen that way. Life sometimes throw us straight, curve, or even foul balls. I went through life trying to hit everything that came my way, trying to fix everything, trying to control everything, and did not always pray my way through it. And when things turned wrong I always went back home because it was my safe place. So, I made it to every base in life and sometimes not consulting with God on it or trust him that he will see my way through. We pray and ask God to show us what is ahead or even what we may encounter when we arrive, and when he does if its not what we want then we stop asking him. But he warned us. I am  guilty of this very thing. Now check this out, when we do not pay attention or ignore what we ask God for and go ahead and make our own decision we have to go back to that safe place and start over again. God will let us choose what it is that we want but in that process he is going to show you that very reason why he let you make that decision. I failed many times because I didn’t put my trust in him or had become very impatient because I was ready for it to be worked out on my time. God would put me in a few battles empty handed so when I took victory I knew it was him.