Crazy Comparison Game

Have you ever compared yourself to someone else? Or even wanting the life someone else has?  Parents? Friends? Sister? Brother? Or Celebrity? I can honestly say that I have. As well as my friends, and I am pretty sure there are more people that are guilty of this very thing.

There is this couple that I admire and absolutely adore everything about. I love Majorie & Steve Harvey. Their relationship looks perfect. Majorie is beyond beautiful, wardrobe is perfect whether she dress up or down, she makes it look good. Her love and support for her husband is amazing and the creativity that she possess in her craft (the lady love couture) her clothing line is perfect. Steve is very handsome, his suits and ties are always on point. His love and support for his wife is amazing and I have yet to come across a suit in his collection that I did not like, and he always has the perfect tie that make it stand out. They both have great careers. Last but not least they have a blended family of seven beautiful children. We can look at that and say their the perfect couple, or we  want our life exactly like theirs, we want a husband or wife exactly like them, we want a relationship like theirs, a career like theirs, we want to travel the world like they do. All those things we want and compare our lives to or to be like. I used them as an example because I once compared my life or wanting a life exactly like theirs. And the person you might have compared your life to or wanting their life maybe: Parents, Friends, Sister, Brother, or another celebrity.

Although, when we see all the perfect things that were shown, we also forget that other peoples lives we shaped by a very limited perspective. We know they are not perfect, we know they have a past,  building a career like theirs took time and patients, but we also know that marriage is a challenge as well as blending a family. And we still want a life like theirs. I had to learn to stop comparing or wanting a life like others because I felt they had it all together. We learn that no one has life completely figured out. Looking at what were shown maybe be perfect in our eyes, but we do not see what God placed in that person as an individual to help build the foundation of their life, relationship, or goals. We just want that life. What we have to understand is that, God has given us a great amount of faith and power to have an amazing life. We have to realize that becoming that person or having that life we want may demand that we get rid of ideas about what success maybe because we comparing it to others. I can almost guarantee you that Steve and Majorie had to let go of the idea of what they thought life should be or wanting a certain life and let God build them up around the purpose he set for them. Realizing that opportunity of letting go of humiliation, fear, shame, or hurt and gain strength to build that life. You will not find out who you are if you’re always comparing yourself to others.


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